Chief Information Officer

Amit Venugopal

As chief information officer, Amit Venugopal oversees Sovos’ technology solutions across lines of business. Influenced by his upbringing in a military household, he believes in the principle of selection and maintenance of the aim. Simply stated, this means to achieve anything of consequence, you must know what it is you wish to achieve and then persist in pursuing it against obstacles, resistance or opposition.

Since joining Sovos, Amit has built our global cloud operation from regional teams to a singular organization. He has redefined the standards for Sovos’ SaaS hosting delivery model, changing team structures to align around service delivery and continuous improvement. 

Amit approaches his role with a simple mantra, he works for his team. This means he plays whatever role is necessary to achieve success. Whether he is acting in the role of teacher, coach or mentor, he believes sharing knowledge with his team and encouraging them to push their limits is what leadership is all about. 

When not in the office it’s a safe bet that Amit is playing chauffeur and driving his kids to either ballet or tennis practice. He also enjoys golf when time and weather permit.

For more, see Amit’s LinkedIn profile.