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The Case for Sales Tax Simplification

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As we approach the five-year anniversary of South Dakota v. Wayfair, states must take meaningful steps to ensure their tax laws and rules can be readily complied with by both local and remote sellers. State sovereignty is a core aspect of the U.S., and barring a national consumption tax being instituted, sales tax is likely to remain the sole province of state and local governments. However, there doesn’t need to be one overarching approach to sales tax for it to be simpler, and states don’t have to wait for federal mandates to start making simplifications. 

This white paper will review what’s currently in place for sales tax across the nation and discuss what can possibly be done to try and make it a little bit easier.  

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  • How states can make their sales tax systems meaningfully simpler while maintaining necessary revenue
  • The role of tax technology, and how it’s impacting the way states approach sales tax
  • The debate over uniform economic nexus standards  

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