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5 Things to Know About IRS Form 1099-NEC

This year the IRS is introducing Form 1099-NEC for nonemployee compensation. As this change will impact organizations of every type and size, we have assembled a list of the five things you absolutely need to know about Form 1099-NEC.

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Why the IRS is Ratcheting Up Collection Efforts

Because the IRS is underpaid by nearly half a trillion dollars per year, they are taking swift action to reclaim those tax dollars. This could mean steep penalties for your business if you fail to meet the latest regulations. See the infographic below for more facts about enforcement.

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Growing Pains: Tax Information Reporting Obstacles

Companies operating in the technology space often see rapid growth. However, leaders may be blindsided by multiple Tax Information Reporting obstacles that can cripple their progress.

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Infographic: State 1099 Reporting Deadlines

By far, the biggest challenge facing organizations during 1099 reporting season this year was state reporting. With states tightening deadlines and multiple jurisdictions and reporting thresholds to deal with, Sovos customers found state reporting more complex than any other element of reporting season. This updated infographic shows why. The map shows 1099 reporting deadlines by […]

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Tax Information Reporting: A Year-Round Process

When does tax information reporting season end? At the end of January? Maybe in March? When 1099 forms are finally gone? For organizations that do it right, there is no “season.” Reporting is a year-round process that emphasizes efficiency over panic and minimizes risk. Check out the year-round reporting schedule in this infographic. Download the […]

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