What to Expect with New Sales Tax Software Implementation

Lisa Holmquist
May 6, 2021

Change is rarely easy, but when it comes to implementing new sales tax software it doesn’t have to be a constant struggle. Organizations want to know that the implementation process includes hands-on assistance and a timeline that makes sense – for all parties involved. 

Our Sovos implementation is designed to deliver value quickly and to reduce the cost and effort required to integrate with a new system. Your time is valuable and we want to make your time with us predictable.

Here is what you can expect when onboarding with Sovos:

  • A team of experts dedicated to your project: Your project team consists of a project manager, a technical consultant, a customer success manager and a functional lead, each of whom plays an important role in personalizing support and ensuring you meet your project goals during and after implementation. 
  • A personalized project plan: Within hours of signing your Sovos contract, your new project manager will connect with the sales engineer to learn about the nuances of your business and your systems, as well as your business goals. Together, you and your new implementation team will define your business requirements and align on a clear plan, including a project timeline, clear documentation and helpful resources to set you up for success. 
  • A robust and flexible team: After hundreds of implementations, our experts are ready to handle any unique integration, whether you have a homegrown system or multiple sales channels to connect. Additionally, if your IT teams aren’t ready to tackle a sales tax implementation, we have an array of partners to connect you with to help in the process. 
  • Support during testing: Testing is one of the most complex steps of any integration, and for most customers, testing must happen from within your own system. But we are here to help you prepare, write business scenarios and know how to stay organized, so that you test as thoroughly as possible.
  • Support for go-live and beyond: Throughout implementation, your entire team is marching towards your target go-live date. As we get closer, we begin planning the go-live transition by guiding and preparing your IT team with best practices. Upon successful go-live, you will transition to our US-based support team, available to answer any question you may have by your preferred communication method: email or phone. You will also continue to hear from your customer success manager and your account manager to ensure a smooth transition.

Guidance throughout your sales tax experience

Realistically, sales tax implementation cannot happen overnight. But Sovos partners with you to deliver value quickly and reduce your burden. With Sovos, your sales tax software implementation process is built around a team of experts who want to help you have as seamless of a change as possible. We work with you to keep your business moving forward.

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Lisa Holmquist

As vice president of customer and user experience, Lisa embraces the challenge of making tax easy and intuitive for customers. In her role, she creates and executes the vision of how Sovos can transform the customer experience to reduce the organizational burden associated with managing tax compliance obligations, wherever a company does business.
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