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Value Added Tax

Greece’s VAT reform: What you need to know

Greece’s VAT reform started back in 2020 and it has manifested itself in three continuous transaction control (CTC) initiatives. Namely, the initiatives are: myDATA e-audit

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Value Added Tax

Bizkaia: What is Batuz LROE?

The Ledger of Economic Operations (Libro Registro de Operaciones Económicas), also known as LROE, is a main compliance element of the Batuz tax control system.

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Value Added Tax

VAT and Art: What you need to know

Significant inflation increases have impacted most of the world’s economies, with the UK still above 10% in 2023. This increase means a reduction in the

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Value Added Tax

What items are exempt from VAT?

It’s essential to stay on top of your company’s VAT requirements. This requires sound knowledge of the rules and what authorities expect of businesses. This