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Value Added Tax

What items are exempt from VAT?

It’s essential to stay on top of your company’s VAT requirements. This requires sound knowledge of the rules and what authorities expect of businesses. This

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Value Added Tax

Greece myDATA Deadlines

In the past year, the Greek tax authority published a series of legislative acts introducing new requirements (the QR code and prefilling of VAT returns)

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Value Added Tax

Who pays VAT – Buyer or Seller?

Did you know? Over 170 countries worldwide have implemented VAT or GST. Despite how common VAT is, the tax is difficult at the best of

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Value Added Tax

EU VAT Buster

VAT Registration Threshold of EU Countries The European Union is a collective but its Member States have their own rules and nuances where VAT is

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Value Added Tax

EU VAT Reform: Timeline

What is the EU VAT Reform? Aimed at making life easier for businesses, the EU E-Commerce VAT Package simplifies the VAT reporting requirements when trading

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Electronic Invoicing

Thailand: E-tax filing

Thailand has permitted e-invoicing since 2012. From 2017 – following regulations issued on e-tax and e-receipts – taxpayers may prepare, deliver, and keep their invoices

An introduction to EU VAT
Value Added Tax

An Introduction to EU VAT

Nearly every major economy has a form of VAT. That’s 165 countries, each with its own compliance and reporting rules. The main exception is the