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Unclaimed Property

Unclaimed Property Reporting Season Review

This blog was updated on November 8, 2022. Congratulations, you made it through the busy October unclaimed property reporting season. Now what? Sure, you may

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Unclaimed Property

Reciprocity in Unclaimed Property

Reciprocity in unclaimed property: why refrain from the practice of reciprocity when it seems so simple? Reciprocity or reciprocal filing came about in 1954 to

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Are State Exemptions “Free Money”?

Many people hear about the exemptions that states allow for unclaimed property reporting, and they get very excited. Free money, what could go wrong? I

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Unclaimed Property

Unclaimed Property Penalties

“We have less than $1,000 to submit, we’ll just do it ourselves.” Does this thought process sound familiar? The thought is if it’s a small