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Alabama sales tax
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Alabama Sales Tax Compliance Post-Wayfair

For fully remote sellers, sales tax compliance in Alabama can feel daunting. However, just prior to Wayfair, Alabama created the Simplified Sellers Use Tax system.

New Mexico sales tax
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How Has New Mexico Simplified Sales Tax?

New Mexico used to be one of a minority of states that applied origin-based local sales tax sourcing while also not applying a complimentary “seller’s

Building in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana.
Sales & Use Tax

How Louisiana Sales Tax Continues to Evolve

Despite Louisiana’s struggles to adopt meaningful sales tax simplifications, it implemented the Sales and Use Tax Commission for Remote Sellers, creating a single spot for

Florida sales tax
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What to Know About Florida Sales Tax

Until recently, Florida required sellers to calculate sales tax using a “bracket schedule,” which determines how much tax applies to the portion of sales priced

south dakota sales tax
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South Dakota Sales Tax Continues to Evolve

When South Dakota first adopted its thresholds for determining what remote sellers would become obligated to collect and remit their sales tax, the state specified

sales tax simplification
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Why Sales Tax Simplification is Important

While the landmark South Dakota v. Wayfair Supreme Court decision flipped the traditional physical presence nexus standard on its head, the foundational requirement in the