Here is a quick summary of the Brazil Nota Fiscal issues since 2012. Are you able to comply with all of these? Make sure your solution provider is keeping you informed regarding all changes, managing any impact to your ERP system and keeping their platform compliant with all regulation changes.


  • January: Expanded Validations (e.g. Footer = sum of line items, stricter normalization codes, etc.)
  • March: Paper correction notes no longer valid, replaced by CCe
  • April: Inbound Validation & Reporting: inbound NFE & CTE must be validated and supplier approval numbers stored in system of record for monthly SPED reports.
  • August: Event based web services online in production, mandates to come.


  • January: ICMS Tax Rate Lowered – Impact to ERP and NFE validation
  • January – March: Manifesto de Documentos Electronico (MDF-e). Needed if company manages their own logistics. Documents all of the NFE per truck. Not needed if CT-e provided by 3rd party logistics provider. Being phased in by transport method (e.g. Rail, Air, Road, Water).
  • March: Paper correction notes no longer valid, replaced by CCe
  • March: Eventos based Cancellation.
    • New web service replaces old web service becomes mandatory in March, 2013.
    • Makes reference to the original NFE.
    • If you have not upgraded your SAP GRC system for Nota Fiscal, you must must upgrade to 10.0 or select alternative.
  • March-July (Oil/Gas): Manifestacao do Destinatario.
    • Mandate currently on receiver only.
    • Receiver must acknowledge receipt of goods with reference to NFE upon arrival, thus preventing supplier from re-using that number for a separate, unregistered shipment. (No cancellations or corrections allowed by supplier after acknowledgement).
    • Acknowledgement triggers access for receiver to download the supplier’s NFE-XML from the SEFAZ web site directly – email collection mechanisms no longer necessary.
    • It is expected that this mandate willroll-outto other industries over the next months and years.

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