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Does your business have more than just real time sales tax calculation needs? What about determinations that require validation on a one-off basis where each transaction must be verified manually?

On-Demand Determination is a cloud-based solution that allows tax managers, finance, IT, AP, AR, and other departments in your organization to batch process all types of transactions traditionally not done in real-time. Plus, it is powered by Sovos Sales Tax SaaS for easy, accurate tax determination.


This time-saving technology removes the potential for human error and ensures accuracy of results by eliminating manual calculations and time-consuming research of rates, that change often, by doing it all for you.

How Does On-Demand Determination Work?

First of all, no costly integration is required! The quick set-up and access allows your IT department to focus on other tasks while On-Demand Determination does all the work.

Not only does On-Demand Determination allows users the flexibility to configure custom file mappings for upload using any type of .csv file, but you can specifically choose what data you want to export in the format of your choice. Our solution allows you to efficiently bundle together any set of transactions in a way that makes sense for your organization’s unique needs. You can now group transactions for a specific time period, for a certain line of business, or from one or more unique systems.

Start Streamlining Your Manual Transactions Today

Once you run Sovos On-Demand Determination, our product will notify you, via email, when the calculations are complete and ready for retrieval in one final report with as many data points formatted as you choose. You no longer have to sit idly by waiting for it compile or spend countless hours manually checking tax obligations throughout multiple jurisdictions. This frees up crucial time, allowing you to focus on other core business responsibilities.

Stop paying the wrong jurisdiction taxes and ensure you are paying the right people the right amount whether it be for purchasing card transactions, inventory changes, invoices, recent acquisitions, validating vendor changes, or comparing already calculated taxes to confirm accuracy. On-Demand adapts to your needs and your schedule so tax determination can be done efficiently and accurately.

Want to learn more about On-Demand Determination can simplify your offline transactions, improve your tax determination accuracy, and save you valuable time? Speak to one of our sales tax experts today about how you can set up a free demo.

Save time. Simplify all your unique sales and use transactions. Reduce audit exposure. Our Sovos Sales Tax On-Demand Determination provides accurate indirect tax determination and compliance with confidence, so you can focus on core activities that drive your business.

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