Integration with NetSuite ERP System

BFN_HybridSovos now has the ability to integrate with NetSuite. This integration works with both NetSuite ERP and NetSuite OneWorld.

NetSuite is the World’s #1 cloud-based ERP vendor and has just launched their new SuiteTax API. SuiteTax allows Sovos to easily integrate with NetSuite, thus allowing clients the use of the robust Sovos Sales Tax calculation engine that delivers accuracy, consistency, and control over sales, use, and value added tax.

Leverage Sovos TWE While Using NetSuite

Sovos clients can now easily utilize NetSuite and SuiteTax to gain access to the industry leading sales tax software Sovos Sales Tax. The Sovos Sales Tax integration with NetSuite simplifies indirect tax determination and compliance with confidence, so organizations can operate more efficiently and focus on core activities that drive the business.

The Sovos integration with NetSuite and SuiteTax supports both domestic and international transactions, such as sales order and purchase order processing. It also helps other departments throughout organizations:

  • Accounts receivable departments can now calculate tax and fees on sales orders, invoices, purchase orders, returns, and credit memos as well as display tax breakdown by jurisdiction.
  • Accounts payable employees can determine tax on purchases, vendor bills, and vendor credits.
  • Sovos Sales Tax filing helps tax departments in companies of all types and sizes file sales and use taxes on time in every jurisdiction where business is conducted.
  • Organizations have full control over audit invoices, credit memos, and returns.
  • With direct access to Sovos Sales Tax software, it is easy to create filing and reporting documents for departments throughout the company in order to make end of month transactions quick, simple, accurate, and compliant for internal and external reporting obligations.

Maximize NetSuite Using Sovos Sales Tax

With direct access to Sovos Sales Tax software, companies can easily create filing and reporting documents to make end of month transactions quick and effortless.

Sovos Sales Tax also allows users to integrate exemption certificate management into the sales tax compliance process.

How the Integrations Work

The Sovos Sales Tax engine package is a hybrid application consisting of an implementation of the SuiteTax Plug-in, SuiteScript, two Suitelets, custom roles, and a custom configuration record. Using the calls available through the SuiteTax API and standard SuiteScript 1.0, Sovos Sales Tax gathers needed information to make an encrypted call to an external server to calculate tax and populates the required fields with the response. Sovos Sales Tax also has a Suitelet for creating a custom record for configuration information and encrypted credentials to the external server and another Suitelet to commit/close auditable records on the Taxware Enterprises reporting side.