Sales Tax Exemption Certificate Management

Taxware Exemption Certificate Management is an integrated solution that automates the acquisition, organization and management of sales tax exemption certificates.

In addition to collecting, storing and retrieving exemption certificates, it identifies expiring or expired exemption certificates, and missing or invalid certificates. Rather than react under the pressure and stress of a sales tax audit or use tax audit with uncertainty, our exemption management system helps a company proactively manage sales and use tax exemptions through their database of tax certificates before audits occur. Taxware Exemption Certificate Management provides “compliance confidence” and returns control of the sales tax audit back to the company.

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Taxware Exemption Certificate Management helps our customers…

  • Streamline and automate the acquisition of exemption certificates with web-enabled workflow
  • Cut sales and use tax audit assessments by 38 percent
  • Identify missing, expired or invalid exemption certificates with the click of a button
  • Help your customers and vendors easily respond to certificate requests
  • Reduce cash reserves in anticipation of sales and use tax audit assessments
  • Eliminate exempt transaction errors by 60 percent or more
  • Cut costs in exemption certificate acquisition, management and handling by 56 percent
  • Control your costs while increasing exemption and regulatory document compliance
  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention
  • Easily migrate from any existing commercial or in-house exemption certificate management system
  • Reduce the cost and time for audit defense by 75 percent


LineLink is a Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access compatible add-in that turns a simple spreadsheet or database into a document organizer on the desktop. LineLink makes any task handling lots of documents simple, quick and effective. Sales tax and use tax audit defense, reverse audits, due diligence reviews, voluntary disclosure agreements are just a few of the tasks that LineLink provides tangible, measurable impact saving both time and money. Please contact us to learn how LineLink can benefit your company.

Also, Taxware Exemption Certificate Management + LineLink lets you choose from several methods of achieving your goals, from a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) model to layering on experienced professional services team that can augment the effectiveness and productivity of your existing staff.

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