Indirect Tax

Flexible Sales, Use and Value-Added Tax Solutions

The complexity of ever-changing tax laws and rates coupled with a landscape where varying business practices can complicate matters makes compliance very difficult for many companies. Powered by Taxware technology and expertise, Sovos Compliance provides flexible indirect tax solutions that automate the complex process of calculating, remitting, and reporting on sales, consumer use, retail taxes, including Value-Added Taxes (VAT).

Superior Tax Research & Content

Built upon independent research generated by our own staff, our sales and use tax solutions rely on robust content updated monthly for superior accuracy. By combining powerful calculation software with our proprietary tax research, our products always reflect the latest rate and rule changes. Our solutions can accommodate millions of complex scenarios – including exemptions, special rates, caps and thresholds – in a hierarchy that determines the appropriate combination of rules for your specific business, industry and geography.

Sales & Use Tax Automation Software

On-premise and cloud-based solutions to automate your sales and use tax determination and reporting. Taxware offers potent calculation tools that manage tax compliance needs regardless of complexity, industry, and the locations in which you may operate across the globe. Our solutions quickly calculate taxes for all of your transactions, including sales, purchases, and rentals, and make appropriate adjustments for a myriad of special tax situations.

Sales Tax Remittance and Filing

Filing and remittance of sales and use tax returns has become increasingly complex. Our managed Sales Tax Service can free your tax department from dealing with the complexity of ever-changing tax forms and filing regulations. Sales Tax Services relieves pain points common to sales and use tax returns filing while keeping you informed and in control of the end-to-end process.

Global Value-Added Tax (VAT) Compliance

With more than 150 countries requiring VAT or similar consumption taxes, VAT compliance represents a compelling issue for any company conducting business across international borders. Apart from compliance, processing, and reporting of VAT, proper calculation of VAT for businesses can be quite complex. VATware is a unique reporting and analysis tool which assists businesses in improving VAT compliance.