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1099 and 10-Series Forms — Centralize Your Source of Obligations

The complexities of managing federal, state, and territorial tax information reporting obligations can cause serious strain on compliance teams within an organization. Regulations can change frequently and quickly, with very little time to adjust your process prior to deadlines. Many businesses find themselves without the necessary expertise, tools, and resources to adapt to these changes and meet all the reporting requirements on time.

Streamline and efficiently manage your tax information reporting processes with Sovos 1099, our highly configurable technology solution that is tailored to your business needs and organizational goals. We are the complete solution and largest private filer of 10-series forms in the US with over 30 years of experience. Configurable, versatile, and comprehensive, we are a trusted solution for many of the largest financial service providers in the US and nearly half the Fortune 500.

“Everyone should use Sovos Managed Services.”

– Cathy Reynolds, VP Client Operations, Texas Capital Bank


If you are a banking, brokerage, or financial industry leader, you may be looking to address the limitations of manual business processes that are not integrated throughout the organization or how to pull client data from across business units and multiple source systems. More financial professionals are seeing the benefits of building a centralized process that helps achieve compliance and using SaaS to enhance their tax information reporting processes. These benefits include: single source for data, unlimited users, remote access, real-time TIN validation and client onboarding tools, electronic transmittal to the IRS and states, electronic corrections, and reduced burden on IT. Not to mention the savings in time, hardware, and resources, especially when updating your process for legislative and regulatory changes is taken care of for you in order to ensure compliance.

Insurers (Health, Property/Casualty, Annuity, Life)

As an insurer, if you use in-house mainframe systems, in many cases your 10-series reporting may be distributed and handled by multiple legacy systems that are redundant making it hard to compile all the necessary data, which can quickly over burden your IT department. You also need to provide a high level of customer service and expertise for your clients when it comes to gathering and consolidating the data needed and filling out the forms to achieve compliance. Moreover, with only a few people having access to the tax system or who know how to use it, you may be exposing yourself to state reporting penalties, audits, and time-consuming costly B-notices. You need a solution that avoids this and takes care of all your needs that can pull the information, compile, and transmit to appropriate federal and state tax authorities efficiently.


In various departments within your corporation, it’s often difficult to verify that vendors are providing accurate TIN information when setting up a new vendor, especially for one-time payments and doing business as (DBA) names. Moreover, manual spreadsheet tracking for B-notices is inefficient. The tax reporting process is often a seasonal concern that falls on an individual or small team that struggles with the compliance expertise and time needed to gather the data, generate compliant forms, and meet tight form distribution and filing deadlines. This lack of resource and expertise can cause needless errors, stress and penalties without the proper tools to do the job. You need a solution that addresses these problems and streamlines your processes so you can get through tax season stress free, efficiently manage all your other required tax reporting year-round, and focus on growing your business.

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Sovos 1099 – Tax Information Reporting Technology Software for All Your Input and Output Needs

Highly Configurable

Sovos 1099 has been designed differently than traditional software to accommodate the nuances associated with your source systems and processing requirements. You won’t have to accommodate us, we’ll accommodate you. No matter how many source systems you have, we can take the necessary data in virtually any format and quickly validate and transform that data to compliant tax forms. This capability minimizes the need for IT involvement and greatly enhances the ability to correct data prior to reporting. This eliminates errors and greatly reduces penalties.

If you want to add a withholding tool to your compliance solution, print dynamic notes and transactions on your tax statements, or insert additional pages between forms for clarification, just say the word. If you want ultra-specific user access to keep your information safe, consider it done.

Every Form Type

Sovos 1099 handles all your tax information reporting requirements, including every 1042, 1098, 1099, 3921, 3922, 5498, W-2, W-4, W-9, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Quebec form. Plus, all direct state and independent contractor reporting can be fulfilled using our platform.

On-Demand SaaS Technology

We know you need updates fast. That’s why Sovos 1099 lives is an on-demand Software as a Service (SaaS) offering. When the IRS announces form changes they are quickly reflected in our platform, keeping you well ahead of any deadlines. That matters when you are managing vast amounts of forms and last-minute state and federal regulation changes occur in January… again.

Complete Security

Sovos holds itself to the highest security standards available while maintaining a large degree of flexibility for a variety of user permissions based on role, function and data. Rest assured that our top-tier security certifications, reoccurring audits, dual secure backups, third-party penetration testing, and biometrically guarded data center with industry-leading data-at-rest encryption will keep your information safe.

Direct State Reporting

With slightly different tax regulations in over 40 states, direct state reporting has never been easier than with Sovos 1099. Whether it’s including a compact disc for the Alabama Department of Revenue or filling out an additional form in California, you can rest assured your process will be compliant.

Corrections & Penalties

We give you the tools to proactively prevent “B” Notices, penalties, and corrections with real-time tax ID validation, OFAC, and Death Master File checks. And, if inaccuracies remain, we also give you the tools to effectively address and fix those errors. Whether you are correcting or revising forms, Sovos 1099 allows you to easily reprint or update current and prior year forms while tracking changes, so you create a solid audit trail in case you ever need it.


Stop the presses and ask your form recipients to opt-in to paperless forms. They can then access their new, old, and updated tax forms online and in real time. Plus, soften the steep costs of printing and mailing.

Access Prior Tax Years

All data, including every form, is available for you to reference whenever and wherever you need it. That makes necessary reprints and corrections for yesteryear’s reporting easily accomplished when needed. Plus, you can leave those old 1096 paper forms in the dust — Sovos 1099 delivered updates to the IRS are entirely electronic.

Sovos 1099 Add-On Services

Compliance Services
Take the hands-off approach and let our tax experts do the tricky job of year-round compliance for you. Our dedicated Managed Services representatives will act as an extension of your internal tax team, handling all daily reporting operations up to and including filing during tax season. You will have complete transparency during every step of the way via a detailed schedule of services. Get ready for reduced risk, costs, and workload.

Statement Delivery

Don’t lick that envelope or stick that stamp. Leave the time, money, and effort it takes to print and mail thousands of tax statements at the door. With Statement Delivery you can print and mail every form with the click of a button. We’ll handle the rest. Our versatile process covers everything from filtering against the National Change of Address list to masking TINs for security, ensuring your company the very best in secure print management.

Withholding Management Services

With over 40 jurisdictions and 200 different payment days in the US alone, withholding can be a bottomless pit of time and resources. But, with the Sovos 1099 withholding module, you can manage the process with ease. Our detailed schedule allows you to effortlessly track your remittances, reconciliation and 941, 945, 1042, and state withholding reporting responsibilities. You’ll never have to manually track payments thanks to automatic notifications and matching general ledger data line-by-line against transaction-level data or tax detail forms will be a thing of the past.

Tax Identity Management

Using inaccurate information is costly. Especially when the IRS fines for error-ridden data have recently doubled. We’ll use our tried-and-true methods of data verification to match your TIN and name data before fines arrive, as well as handle all your “B” Notice and penalty solicitation. That includes checking your data against the IRS TIN Matching Program, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), and Death Master File. Leave those pesky “B” Notices in the dust. Your time is valuable. Don’t waste it.

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