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Let’s face it, making sure your business is compliant is no easy task. It affects every aspect of your organization, the requirements are constantly changing, and if you get it wrong the penalties can add up fast. At Sovos, we have developed a full suite of scalable compliance software solutions to simplify your unique tax, determination, reporting, and filing needs.

From filing sales and use tax returns to complying with 1099 and ACA form submissions or meeting international tax reporting obligations such as VAT or FATCA, Sovos has the right solution to help your company thrive.

ACA penalties

Sovos ACA

Our most recent addition to the Sovos suite of solutions, Sovos ACA is designed to allow our clients to accurately, securely, and efficiently manage the entire ACA reporting process. It requires no installation, is extremely user friendly, and is built to automatically adapt to regulatory changes so your organization will always be up to date and fully compliant. Whether you’re a large employer or a health insurer, we’ve got you covered.

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Sovos AEOI

As global information reporting requirements evolve, so do we. Sovos AEOI is our multi-jurisdictional all-in-one technology solution that allows you to fulfill every FATCA, CDOT, and CRS compliance obligation from a single interface. It is designed to securely compile, validate, and transmit sensitive personal and financial information to help fulfill organizations’ unique and varying global reporting obligations.

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Sales Tax

Sovos Sales Tax

Not sure how to correctly determine and files sales and use tax? Sovos Sales Tax is designed to ensure you meet all your obligations by providing an end-to-end solution, covering everything from automatic regulatory updates and exemption certificate management to completing your monthly filings. Sovos Sales Tax integrates your eCommerce, point of sale, and ERP systems to accurately determine and apply tax rates, process transactions smoothly, and reduce audit exposure.

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ERP systems alone often don’t meet the requirements of tax authorities. Sovos tax determination software integrates seamlessly with any homegrown or commercially-available ERP to deliver global transaction tax calculation and support.

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Sovos VAT

Sovos VAT is our complete web-enabled determination and reporting solution that can be used in conjunction with any source system. Our technology determines the correct VAT rates per jurisdiction, analyzes the VAT treatment of transactional data, validates VAT numbers and rates, and completes the required VAT returns necessary to file in most tax jurisdictions. On top of that, you can create custom reports for management and reconciliations purposes.

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Sovos 1099

Streamline and efficiently manage your federal and state tax information reporting processes with Sovos 1099, our highly configurable technology offering that is tailored to your business needs and organizational goals. We are the complete on-demand SaaS solution for everything from tax identity management and statement delivery to withholding management and addressing B&P Notices. Sovos 1099 is configurable, versatile, secure, and comprehensive.

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