Services for Amazon Sellers

Sovos Compliance has been providing indirect tax compliance solutions since 1979. With over 30 years of experience Sovos Compliance is able to provide our customers both calculation and compliance solutions that enable them to stay current with indirect tax laws, regulations and rulings as well as providing the ability to file and pay those taxes due.

Our tax research team consists of tax professionals that include attorneys, CPAs, CMIs dedicated to researching and interpreting laws and regulations relating to indirect tax. The sales tax services team is skilled and experienced with filing tax returns in all jurisdictions within the US and files and pays over 9000 returns each month. With our highly skilled Professional Services team providing implementation services you can rest assured you will be up and running quickly and efficiently.

We look forward to working with you to help solve your sales tax compliance needs.

Available Services

Registration Services

Sovos Compliance will work with you to register your company for sales and/or seller’s use tax registration services in all jurisdictions within the US. In addition, we can provide registration services for GST/HST collections in Canada as well as in the Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Our team will work closely with you to obtain all the required registration information and data in a timely manner, so as to expedite the registration processes. Get Started

Tax Return Filing Services

Sovos Compliance’s Sales Tax Services team can provide sales & use tax returns preparation, filing and payment services for all US state and local jurisdictions. Based on tax liability provided, Sovos Compliance will prepare and file sales and use tax returns (electronic or paper), make payments to agencies (EFT, Check) and handle agency notices. Sovos Compliance can support data from both Sovos Compliance calculation engines and other data sources to enable comprehensive reporting to jurisdictions, and is able to handle prepayments, adjustments, and credits.

The pricing structure for tax return filing services is dependent on the volume of returns filed as well as the number, and quality, of data feeds containing the transactional information required to create the returns.

The Seller and Sovos Compliance will review:

  • The filing requirements of the Seller
  • The jurisdictions where Seller is currently filing,
  • Jurisdictional expansion plans,
  • The projected number of returns to be filed monthly, and
  • The transactional data files being supplied by the seller.

Our pricing includes return preparation, filing the return, making payments to the tax authority on the Seller’s behalf and addressing any communications with the jurisdictions related to the tax return or payments after filing.

Implementation Services

In order to ensure our clients are set up and filing appropriately Sovos Compliance will provide implementation services for any tax return filing and remittance services client. These services are mandatory for all tax filing and remittance clients.

Implementation pricing is based upon several factors including;

  • the number of data sources being supplied to Sovos Compliance to create the returns,
  • the number of legal entities, and
  • the number of returns being filed.
Implementation Package 1
  • 1-2 Legal Entities,
  • 1-2 Data Sources,
  • 1-50 Unique Returns (total set up, not filing frequency).
Implementation Package 2
  • 3-4 Legal Entities,
  • 3-4 Data Sources,
  • 51-100 Unique Returns (total set up, not filing frequency).
Implementation Package 3
  • 5-6 Legal Entities,
  • 5-6 Data Sources,
  • 101-150 Unique Returns (total set up, not filing frequency).
Implementation Services at an Hourly RateFor implementations that do not fit into a standard package.

General Tax Research Services

With a large team of attorneys and tax professionals specializing in indirect tax compliance Sovos Compliance is uniquely suited to provide answers to Amazon sellers’ tax questions related to the US and Canada. Research services can be provided for all states down to the lowest jurisdictional level, as well as Canadian federal and provincial level jurisdictions.

The Seller and Sovos Compliance will communicate as to the specific needs and questions the Seller has and will create a research project agreed to by both. The deliverables will be customized to the requested project and could include memos, charts, spreadsheets or presentations.

Examples of the types of research offered included:

  • Product/service taxability determinations
  • Tax rate inquiries
  • Product classification
  • Tax filing requirements
  • Nexus study
  • Audit appeals procedures
  • Limited voluntary disclosures

Contact Us

Please contact us so we may further discuss your needs and arrange for a comprehensive services plan for your business. Our team will work closely with you to fully detail the services to be performed, time lines and fees associated with the project.

For inquires related to any of the services please contact Sovos Compliance directly, via phone, 866-890-3970, or use complete the form below and a member of our team will get back to you quickly.