Taxware and Convey Merge to Provide a Unified Tax Compliance Solution

Taxware and Convey Merge to Provide a Unified Tax Compliance Solution

July 1, 2014, 12:01 pm EDT in News

Taxware and Convey merge to create a comprehensive portfolio of technology products and services designed to simplify tax compliance, provide greater visibility and control, and mitigate risk.

Taxware is pleased to announce its merger with Convey Compliance Systems, the #1 private third-party filer of 1099 forms.  This merger will combine the best-in-class tax jurisdiction monitoring and content capabilities of Taxware with the cloud-based tax reporting expertise of Convey to provide a broad and unified solution for regulatory and tax compliance needs.

Together, the companies are now capable of:

  • Expertly monitoring extensive and complex regulatory environments
  • Developing and dynamically updating tax content
  • Integrating with disparate enterprise applications
  • Efficiently translating and storing data in a single relevant repository for reporting and reconciliation
  • Streamlining all facets of compliance reporting

Clients of both companies gain significant and immediate benefits from this merger because it combines robust regulatory and tax law expertise and best-in-class, cloud-based technology and services that automate and simplify the tax compliance and reporting process.

Please join us in a warm welcome to the tax reporting technology experts of Convey Compliance Systems. We are excited about the synergy of combining two very talented teams in order to provide all of our clients with unified regulatory tax compliance solutions.

If you have any questions about this merger, or would like to discuss the broad portfilio of tax compliance products and services now available to clients of both companies, please contact Taxware.