Insight Technologies

Project: Insight Technologies

Sovos Compliance was asked to assist Insight Technologies (hereinafter: INSIGHT) with the automation of their VAT.

Project goal

To successfully implement VAT automation software in 14 European countries for Sales and Purchases.

Project team approach

Insight Technologies has executed the ERP implementation from their UK offices located in Uxbridge and Sheffield. Sovos Compliance provided a VAT Manager. Working virtually adds an extra dimension to the activities and was supported by regular visits of our VAT Manager to the Insight project offices. This was done to ensure effective and efficient communication to achieve a good project atmosphere and successful implementation.


  • Provide information on VAT legislation
  • Document the Business flows of Insight to ensure adequate system configuration.
  • Identify and highlight potential VAT optimization with respect to the business flows of Insight.
  • Assist Insight with decisions to take in VAT automation according to the Best Practices.
  • Functional Setup.
  • Create setup documentation.
  • Provide Training to Insight Staff.

As a result Insight will have their VAT decisions highly automated in a way that meets VAT legislation requirements and company policies.