Reduce risks and save time, all while providing a customer experience as delightful as your beverages.


The alcohol beverage industry’s trusted compliance and technology platform, ShipCompliant automates registrations, tax calculations and reporting in this heavily regulated industry.


Already one of the most highly regulated industries, direct shipping initiatives that vary drastically by state in addition to constantly changing registration and taxation requirements have amplified the alcohol beverage industry’s compliance complexities. Businesses that produce, purchase, sell and ship beer, wine and spirits are tasked with determining proper tax calculations and getting products to customers while complying with vastly different laws in every state.


To resolve these pain points, Sovos offers a nimble software solution tailored to the unique compliance obligations faced by bev/alc businesses – ShipCompliant.


With ShipCompliant, wineries, breweries, distilleries and other bev/alc players stay ahead of the latest regulatory changes impacting their business models. As the #1 software provider in the beverage alcohol industry, ShipCompliant combines industry-specific compliance expertise with reliable, secure software solutions to serve as a true compliance ally for its 3,390 clients and counting.


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Intelligent compliance so you can focus on growth and expansion in this highly regulated industry.

A Single System for Seamless Workflows

A Single System for Seamless Workflows

Ingrate with all necessary tools, including shipment tracking, registrations, autofiles and more


ShipCompliant is the only compliance provider with an integration with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau

Streamlined Registrations and Reporting

Streamlined Registrations and Reporting

COLA tools provide an easy submission process, and allow cloning and modifying of previous submissions


License management tool lets you create, clone and update state and federal licenses and get notified when important deadlines are approaching


Visibility throughout your compliance workflows allows your team to collaborate and get products to market faster

Customized Reports and Workflows to Meet Every State’s Requirements

Our strong relationships with state and federal agencies allow us to ensure accurate and up-to-date compliance information


State-by-state rules, regulations, forms and reports are all at your fingertips.


Tax rates are available down to the address level so you are always collecting the correct amount

Automate Data Verifications and Reports

Automate Data Verifications and Reports

Fully automated, fully populated tax and gallonage reports


Alert-based license management, flexible order compliance checks, integrated address and age checks


Seamless data flow between your systems and to/from fulfillment.

The Sovos Difference

“ShipCompliant has become a platform for everything that we do – we really rely on this system. It keeps us organized and consistent and keeps everyone informed. You guys listen, you’re agile, and you respond quickly to our needs. And you deliver.” – Marcelo Laviano, TITLE, Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits