Put exemption certificate management on autopilot.


Sovos CertManager simplifies and streamlines your exemption certificate management and verification.


Exemption certificates present a complex and time-consuming challenge for businesses, impacting several key departments. Yet, for all the work that goes into them, most exemption management processes are filled with holes. That makes businesses highly vulnerable, as exemption certificates are the first place auditors typically look.


Backed by the Intelligent Compliance Cloud, Sovos CertManager reduces burdens and safeguards businesses from risk and penalty exposure by automating both certificate management and real-time verification.


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Streamline exemption certification and verifications while minimizing undocumented exemption risks and manual processes.

Eliminate Documentation Gaps

Eliminate Documentation Gaps

Easily drag and drop import certificate PDFs in seconds


Quickly validate certificates and capture critical exemption data such as exemption type, effective date and expiration date


Easily update customer information directly within your existing ERP or CRM system


Manage multiple business units in a single, secure solution

Proactive Process Management that Reduces Audit Risk

Proactive Process Management that Reduces Audit Risk

Drive specific customer and transaction tax exemptions based on the presence of a valid certificate


Easily identify missing, expired or invalid certificates in seconds


Document the process every step of the way to avoid errors, credits and unnecessary corrections


Retrieve needed certificates by state, customer or exemption type in seconds, not hours


Demonstrate a well-documented process and workflow that reduces audit exposure

Real-Time Certificate Validation

Real-Time Certificate Validation

Automatically check for existing certificates during the transaction process


Calculate accurate tax on complex transactions instantly, accounting for exemptions or flagging missing certificates

The Sovos Difference

“Certificate management was not only a huge hassle for our teams, but it was a massive business risk. CertManager automates the whole process so we can focus on growing our business.” – Senior Tax Manager