Every year jurisdictions all over the country have sales tax holiday periods for all types of different items. Often, these holidays are scheduled for near the end of the summer and usually include many types of school supplies, textbooks, some computer purchases and clothing. There are also sometimes sales tax holidays at other times of the year for things like hurricane and severe weather preparedness and even for purchases of weapons. Keeping up to date with when each sales tax holiday occurs is very difficult, especially if you do business in multiple jurisdictions and need to adjust your ERP for these dates.

At Sovos, it is our job to keep your compliant. As a leader in business-to-government compliance, our extensive research team regularly updates our software based on the guidelines put out by each state's Department of Revenue or other governmental body. We invite you to check out our sales tax holiday guide page so you can keep your organization updated. And if you need help fulfilling your sales tax determination and filing obligations, please do not hesitate to contact us today to speak with one of our experts.

CNBC Interviews Sovos About Sales Tax Holiday Changes

Recently, Chuck Maniace, our director of tax research, was interviewed about how many states are tightening their sales tax holidays this year. From Massachusetts not offering an exempt weekend at all this year to Louisiana making all types of changes, every year changes occur. This year 17 states are having back to school sales exempt weekends. To read the whole article, please click here.

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